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About us
About us
Vuka Karadžića 1
35000 Jagodina, Srbija
+381 35 23 18 75
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History - Construction company - Biro inzenjering, Jagodina
Founded on 1/4/1992, with already 17 years of tradition of serious, confident, and efficient construction performer, with remarkable constructed structures, numerous and heterogeneous by purpose and functionality for their own and the needs of other investors not only in Jagodina, medium by categorization and great according to its works, those are characteristics that suit only one company – Construction company “Biro inzenjering” from Jagodina.

Forty years of experience possessed by its owner Dragan Davidovic, the fact that all family members are included in the company business, great number of associates and executives at construction sites are guarantee for any potential investor that he is doing business with an extraordinary performer of works. Fast, efficient, quality and rational construction have been remarkable characteristics of “Biro inzenjering” company during previous years, and numerous structures around Serbia and satisfied business partners suggest even better tomorrow.

For all the time of existence and work the company has invested into renewal, completion and modernization of equipment and work devices trying to follow maximally new technologies in construction business. Further confirmation of the serious company insisting on its prestige is the fact that “Biro inzenjering” has developed and has still been developing its own production of construction materials and elements. Company “Biro inzenjering” is the winner of many public and social awards.

In its business it reckons basically on its own assets, modern construction mechanization and car park, its own production of materials, professional staff structure of our experts and their rich experience as well as on extraordinary construction executives.

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