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About us
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Construction company - Biro inzenjering, Jagodina
Company possesses its own office space (in property) at several locations in town as follows:
  Business production complex “BAZA”
Business production complex “BAZA” - Biro inzenjering, Jagodina
Business production complex “BAZA” is at the suburb of Jagodina on area of 2 ha and 10 a of opened storehouse space and traffic routes and 1.695 m2 of closed space (storehouse space, production halls, craft workshops, head office, lab for material quality examination, etc.).

  TPC ZIR / Head office

Head office - Biro inzenjering, Jagodina
C.C. Biro inzenjering has in the strict center of the town at Market-business center “ZIR” in its property an exclusive office space on the area of 1.278,00 m2. Space is of shop type and it is located at ground floor, on the I and II floor of the structure and it is intended for leasing to third persons.
Within the framework of the same structure, at area of 248 m2 is also located head office of C.C. Biro inzenjering, which represents the picture of the company by its modern look and all modern information technologies.

  Subsidiary head office
Subsidiary head office - Biro inzenjering, Jagodina
Subsidiary head office is at the location near Bus station. Structure is individual ground floor structure, and it is located at the First central zone of Jagodina town(105m²).

  Location of separation and the new concrete     factory
Location of separation and the new concrete factory - Biro inzenjering, Jagodina
Location of the new concrete company and sand separation at the area of 3h and 20 a is close to the highway (corridor 10). At mentioned location is located plant for processing of natural boulder with capacity of 60 m3/h.
Installation of a new computerized concrete factory wit capacity of 60 m3/h is going on at the moment.

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